Reconnect Agriculture and Quail

PRIORITY: Improve federal agriculture policy.
Federal agricultural policy can hurt and help bobwhites. A permanent voice in Washington, D.C. on behalf of the NBCI will advance native grassland habitat conservation in agricultural and other rural landscapes.

cow eating indiangrass

Reconnect Cows with Quail

PRIORITY: Develop native-grass production models.
Develop science-based, native-grassland livestock production systems for the eastern U.S. that enable economically and ecologically sustainable production of cows and quail.

PRIORITY: Accelerate adoption of native forages.
Empower cattlemen to produce both cows and quail by demonstrating successful, science-based production systems that use native-grass forages that provide both forage and habitat.

PRIORITY: Focus public policy on native grasslands.
Establish public policies that promote the restoration of healthy native grasslands that can support abundant cows and quail across pastured landscapes, through the leadership of an alliance of native grassland conservationists.

PRIORITY: Protect and maintain western rangelands.
Keep western rangelands prime for quail and grassland birds by linking technology, sustainable livestock production, public policy and land management to ensure continued compatibility of livestock and quail for the long term.

empowering through education

Build a Public Movement

PRIORITY: Mobilize the public.
Build a popular movement to lift and propel local, state and national bobwhite conservation. Strategic communications and outreach techniques will build upon, and magnify, the leadership and successes of professional quail managers, sporting groups and outdoor writers.

Strengthen Conservation with Better Information

PRIORITY: Document progress and success.
Boost NBCI states' capacity to document progress and success with data. Implement coordinated quail monitoring and habitat tracking to measure and demonstrate grassland bird responses to habitat management.

PRIORITY: Manage comprehensive information.
Establish the Bobwhite Information Network, the first central bobwhite technical database and comprehensive national information service to consolidate and manage data for the benefit of all quail conservation partners.

PRIORITY: Demonstrate importance of quail hunting.
Periodically document the magnitude and trends of participation in quail hunting across the bobwhite range, along with the sport's cultural and economic impacts.

prescribed fire

Reconnect Forests with Quail

PRIORITY: Manage forests actively.
Reinvigorate aggressive, purposeful forest management on private and public lands to achieve landscape-scale restoration of native forest savannahs with diverse understory grasslands.

PRIORITY: Promote prescribed fire.
Re-establish prescribed fire as a commonly accepted, widespread and frequently used forest savannah and grasslands management tool to maintain high-quality grassland bird habitats.

Connect Mine Lands with Quail

PRIORITY: Engage mine land interests.
Collaborate with mining companies, landowners, utilities, policymakers and conservation partners to promote balanced mine land restoration outcomes that benefit bobwhites, other grassland wildlife and people.